Friday, 10 April 2009

Making a mannequin - Part 2

On Tuesday I spent the day in the garden making - and more or less finishing - the mannequin. I got the arms attached using a combination of wire, bits of pipe and a lot of needle felting. Then it was a question of wetting down, laying on the fleece, adding lots of soap and then rubbing, and rubbing...........and more rubbing. It took all day and my arms were aching by the end of it, but I do now have a mannequin that I can use for displaying my wares at the Aviemore Trade Show. She needs a little bit of attention in one or two areas where the fibres have not adequately covered the form, so I will need to do some judicious needle felting. I also have to give some thought to whether to give her a skirt, and if so, what do I use. I have two weeks to make a decision as that is when I have to get the car packed up and take everything to the show.

My older granddaughter (aged 11) has christened her "Effie". In this photograph she is still drip-drying, and three days later the tips of the fingers still feel a little damp.

Mary and I have been busy making all the things we need. Every time we think we are succeeding in building up stock, another order comes in and we are back to square one! The last two days have been spent with the embroidery machines making fleece-lined scarves, some with Celtic knotwork designs, others with floral designs. I have added a new design to the range - the heath spotted orchid - Dactylorhiza maculata subsp ericetorum - and I will adapt the design to put it onto a buttoned bag.

It being Easter weekend, I will take the next couple of days off, and then it will be a question of burning the midnight oil to get everything done on time.

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