Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stained glass angel mobile

The other day I decided to work from home.  I started early, one of the benefits of working at home, but by mid afternoon I decided I wanted a break. I took some time off and visited my friend Gail - a stained glass artist - click here to see her website

When we moved house a bit over a year ago, one casualty was an angel mobile that I had made from some left-over pieces of coloured glass using the Tiffany method.  This method involves covering the edges  of each piece of glass with a narrow strip of copper foil and then soldering them to join them all together.  I had learned the technique many years ago when I attended Gail's very first session of evening classes.   Anyway, the mobile suffered in the move and two of the angels had lost their heads - or rather the heads were still attached to the mobile, but the bodies had broken off.  And another angel had a broken dress.  The broken mobile had been sitting taking up space in the back bedroom - the room I use for sewing when working from home.  It was in my way, so I phoned up Gail to see if she was free and willing to be distracted.

I needed Gail looking over my shoulder all the time to keep me right on what to do, but after about 30 minutes my angels were all flying again.  Now all I need to do is put a suitable hook in the ceiling - probably above the stairs - so that I can hang it up out of the way of any possible further damage.

After that, it was back to work.  The cold summer has meant that our Harris Tweed scarves and hats have been in great demand and taking time off to play has to be strictly limited!

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