Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter has arrived

St Margaret's Day (16th of November) has significance in my life as it is when Len (my husband) and I had our first date (40 years ago!).  But it also has significance for others as it is traditionally reputed that we get the first fall of snow within the octave of St Margaret.

Yesterday, Mary and I took some of our warm cosy Harris Tweed products and had a photography session.  Each year I produce a calendar to give to my trade customers and so I like to get new images for this and for the catalogue which I need to produce for January.  We should try to do more of this in the summer months when it is warm, but there never seems to be time.

We went to South Kessock for our "photo shoot".  The sun was shining and with the autumn leaves on the trees across the firth, it all looked ideal.  We started off quite well - photographs of our Hebridean Hoods (left), followed by some with our lovely Harris Tweed wraps (right - in this photograph you might almost believe it was summer except for the long shadow and the autumn shades of the far shore), but once we started on the hats and scarves it got difficult.  The wind picked up and we were very aware of the winter bite in it.  It became impossible to get the scarves to stay still long enough to photograph.  Just as well our hats are designed to stay on in a wind, so we did get some of them pictured - and at least our ears were kept warm while we were doing it.  But within minutes of the wind picking
up we had to acknowledge that it was too cold and headed home for some warming soup.

Pictured left is Mary sporting a Morag hat teamed with a matching polar fleece lined scarf and a deep shoulderbag - all Harris Tweed.

Watching the weather forecast after the news last night, we were told that there would be snow on the hills.  Well, our part of the world is barely 10 metres above sea level so I don't think it counts as hills!  This morning I woke up to a thin covering of snow on everything, ice on the garden pond, and as I write this, the snow is falling faster and thicker.

So......... Winter has definitely arrived, and the first snow did fall within the octave of St Margaret!
Time to look out those warm clothes - and if you don't already have one ...... or two or three......... time to get a warm and cosy Anna Macneil hat and scarf!

 Callum hat - this warm and cosy hat is suitable for both men and women - made from Harris Tweed and polar fleece - completely reversible.
Mairi hat - inspired by the traditional bonnet, this Harris Tweed hat is elasticated at the back and comes down over the ears - a great style to keep your ears warm in a strong, cold wind.

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