Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Celtic Cross - an exhibition

I will have some of my worked displayed in an exhibition being mounted by Walkers Celtic Jewelry in Rochester, New York State, USA. For more information, visit their website at

The particular examples of my work on display are two very different Celtic Cross wallhangings and a priest's stole.

One wallhanging is a knotwork cross created using an inlay technique from hand-made felt and embellished with beading and free motion machine embroidery.

The second wallhanging is made from Harris Tweed and is based on the ancient St Martin's cross on the Isle of Iona. It is made using applique and machine embroidery, with and fringe along the bottom edge made of hand twisted tassles.

To see other examples of my wallhangings, visit "Anna Macneil"

The stole is a green stole with embroidery over the entire surface. The embroidery is a knotwork design that has small crosses formed by the spaces in the knotwork. This interlace design is made with tartan (Scottish Odyssey) and the stole is lined with the same tartan. It has a hand woven fringe along the bottom edges - or at least it will have when I've finished weaving it!

To see other examples of priest's stoles, visit "Ecclesiastical Embroidery".

Today I have been working on another stole - a commission. I have got all the embroidery done, but now have to weave the fringe and do all the hand stitching.

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