Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Starting out with blogging

OK - it's been suggested that I start a blog as a good way of giving people some background to what I do and why I do it, without cluttering up my two business websites with incidental information.
I am an embroiderer / textile artist. I have three main themes to my work:-

Ecclesiastical embroidery - visit http://www.angelforce.co.uk/pp/vestments/index.htm for more information.
Celtic & Pictish inspired embroidery - visit my main website http://www.annamacneil.co.uk/pp/ to see the range of things that I make along with my mother and daughter in this 3 generation family business
Feltmaking - I don't have a dedicated website for this, but you can see some examples of what I do on the Anna Macneil site - http://www.annamacneil.co.uk/pp/felt.html

My aim is from time to time to post accounts of anything new or exciting that I have been doing - today was a bit tedious, as I spent the afternoon modifying a purple altar frontal for our church - the Church of St Michael & All Angels, Inverness - so that it is easier to put on and off. Tomorrow is the start of Lent, for which the liturgical colour is purple, so it had to be done today. Well - it should have been done last week, but I didn't get round to it till my husband threatened to make the alterations with drawing pins and sticky tape!!!!!!!!!

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