Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A day off work

It's not something that happens very often, but I am taking a day off work.  However, it is rather a drastic way of achieving it.  I spent a couple of hours today at Raigmore Hospital having a carpal tunnel decompression operation done on my left wrist.   I am hopeful that it will be every bit as successful as when I had my right wrist done a couple of years ago.

With Blogger you can look at the statistics and see how many people look at a particular posting, and the blog I posted when I had my last operation has consistently been one of the most viewed pages!

This time it has been a simpler operation - just the carpal tunnel, whereas last time I also had a trapeziectomy.   I was once again given a horrible triangular bandage type sling at the hospital and advised to keep my wrist up at shoulder height at least for today, but by the time I got home (just 10 minutes in the car) it had worked itself loose.  So I dug out the sling I made last time round and it is much more effective, quite comfortable, and definitely better looking!  Harris Tweed, lined with polar fleece and incorporates a small pocket to hold my mobile phone.

I remembered to flip the photograph that I took using the webcam this time.  The sling looks slightly odd because I am resting my elbow where it was really designed to hold the lower part of the arm.

By tomorrow I should be able to use my hand again (back to the sweatshop), and in 2 days time I can take off the bulky bandage.  The stitches will be out in 8 days and then it should be back to normal. 

As the orders keep coming in, I just hope this doesn't slow me up too much - particularly for hand sewing. I have just sent off 4 more priest's stoles to Iona Abbey, and already they want another 6!

And the Morag hats also need hand sewing around the bottom edges and I think there are about 60 needed for various shops that we supply.  I had better make the most of this particular day of rest!

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