Saturday, 30 June 2012

Happy customers

This morning I was busy working at the studio trying to catch up on outstanding orders.  The big embroidery machine was kept busy doing the embroidery for more Hebridean Hoods as we have none in stock and two of the shops we supply are waiting for more.   Mid morning the phone rang and it was the owner of Scotch Corner in Oban.  "Good morning Ruth, I am afraid I have a bit of a problem with your Hebridean Hoods".  

Oh dear, what was coming next......?

"My problem is I keep selling them...... so I have none left!"  So, it was a good problem to have after all.  I promised to send him some as soon as we get them made up - just as well I had decided to make twice as many as were on order.   All the embroidery is done now, but they still have to be made up.  By next weekend both Scotch Corner and Canongate Jerseys & Crafts in Edinburgh should have some in stock - and I will be left with just two to take to the craft fair I am attending on 7th & 8th July at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness.

Later on I checked my emails and found a lovely email from another customer.  A while ago she had asked me to make her a bag in which she could carry her yoga mat and we had a bit of email and snail-mail correspondence sorting out just what was required.   The first attempt proved just a bit too tight for mat, but I put an extra panel and zip in the side.  There was still a problem getting the mat in and out and I realised it was because the yoga mat is non-slip.  Not doing yoga, it was not something I had given any thought to, but testing against all sorts of fabrics proved that it really is non-slip.  The solution was to use a bit of organza fabric and velcro straps to wrap around the mat before sliding it into the bag.  It now goes in with ease.   I posted it yesterday and it was received this morning.  Jane was delighted with it - so much so that she organized a lovely photograph.  I assume this is her garden - she chose the right place to stand to co-ordinate the colours!

It is lovely to get such positive feedback.

Here at Anna Macneil we make quite a range of bags from small purses and pouches to large shoulderbags but if you don't see something that is exactly right you can email us or come into the studio to discuss your requirements.  We are always happy to develop new designs - and for the designs we already have, you can choose your own colours and embroidery designs.   Whether you buy off-the-peg or opt for a custom-made bag, it will be unique - we never make two identical.

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