Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Website Launched

A new website - it has taken a year of asking, allbeit just intermittently, but we now have a new Anna Macneil website.   The crunch came a couple of weeks before Christmas when my husband asked me to make him a new gold cope - in time for Christmas!  Len is a part time priest and also a web designer/manager.  It is a case of the shoemaker's children going barefoot!  However, I got his cope made in time for Christmas, so he sat down and got on with my website.  I expect I will have a while longer to wait for my Ecclesiastical Embroidery website, but I am making progress.

The new website has an online shop which is a bit easier to use, more information about what we do, and more links.  We welcome any feedback you might give us.

Also on the website are some new products - a hat and two styles of handbag.   The Harris Tweed handbags are things that we have often been asked for, but as I don't use a handbag much myself, it is something I was putting off!  We have made one large and one small bag.

The small one is a dainty little thing - the base is about 8 x 16cm and it stands about 16cm high.  There are two handles and the bag closes by means of a flap with a magnetic catch.  It is padded, stiffened and fully lined and has a small velcro-closing interior pocket to keep little things safe.

The large bag is for those who want to take everything bar the kitchen sink!  It comes with two clip-on straps, one long and one short, so that you can change your mind from day to day about whether you want to use it as a handbag or a shoulderbag.  Inside there are two large open pockets, one large zipped pocket and one small velcro-closing pocket. The bag closes with a magnetic catch on the top edge.

Both these bags can be made with either celtic knotwork embroidery or with floral designs - and can be made in any colour of Harris Tweed.

The hat - Hamish - will be ideal for those who need to go out in all weathers.  It is based on the traditional oilskin sou'wester but made of Harris Tweed and fully lined with polar fleece.  There are earflaps and a toggled cord to keep the hat on in a gale.   Available in whatever colour you want.

Next on my agenda is making more of our increasingly popular Hebridean Hoods.  I have just come back from exhibiting at a trade show and several of our trade customers have ordered these.  Have a look at the links page to see if there is a shop near you.  If not, just order from the website and we will make one specially for you.

We have tried to ensure that the website works smoothly, but it is possible that there is the odd mistake - perhaps a broken link, a typo or a Paypal button that doesn't work as it should.  If you come across anything like that, please do email me and let me know, so that we can put it right. 

I hope you enjoy the new website - there are links so that you can follow this blog, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.  There is also a link to our gallery and links to other textile artists.

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