Friday, 9 May 2008

Filling orders

Well....... The Aviemore Trade Show has been and gone. It was a successful event except for one thing. The threats of petrol shortages caused by the strike at Grangemouth meant that buyers stayed away in droves. Still, those that took the trouble to come were serious and placed good orders with the very varied selection of designer-makers exhibiting at the show.

Our new floral designs proved popular and the corset belts were a huge success. My waist is considerably wider than it use to be, but even on me, it was enough to attract a lot of attention with a couple of bespoke orders as well as some orders for shops.

Now we are busy filling all those orders we took at the show and there are going to be several more retail outlets selling our things. As we get the orders out to shops I will add them to the "shops" page on our website. New venues include Aultbea in the north west and Banchory and Braemar in the east. A consignment of belts has already gone over to Belgium, another order is being delivered to a local shop tomorrow morning and I envisage it being non-stop work from now till the end of the summer!

However, just because we are busy shouldn't prevent you putting in an order - 24 hours a day is a flexible concept!

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