Saturday, 31 May 2008

Highlands Open Studios Week

HOS'O8 starts today - 31st May and runs for 9 days. If you are in the Inverness area, do drop in and visit. More information about the event can be got from the Open Studios website -
I will be working in my "studio" in my garden along with painter Liberty Bligh. This will be an opportunity to indulge myself and concentrate on the textile art side of my work rather than the more routine things. I have a selection of our "Anna Macneil" range of products on display as well as many one-off pieces.
Visitors will have the opportunity to play chess or draughts with my large tweed & felt sets. Also on offer is the chance to try your hand at needle-felting or simply to watch me at work.
Today I am planning to weave the fringing for a stole commission. The fringe is constructed using a miniature peg-loom weaving technique that allows me to create a bullion style fringe that matches the tartan used for the stole - in this case, the Orkney tartan.
For more details of my ecclesiastical work visit my website - Ecclesiastical Embroidery.
So I am off outside now (a cold damp, misty start to the day - let's hope it improves!) to set up the signs to direct people to my studio. Do come and visit if you can. If you can't manage to visit in person, visit the relevant websites to see my work.

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