Friday, 9 May 2008

Visit to Australia

In September I am going "down-under" for 3 weeks. My nephew is getting married and I am using this as the excuse to travel .

However - it won't be all play. I am in the process of creating an itinerary for giving talks and workshops. If you would be interested in hosting me to give a talk while I am there please get in touch. At the moment I have firm commitments in Adelaide for two talks and a workshop over the weekend of 18th to 21st September. I will be in Sydney for the week 8th to 12th September, with the wedding on the 13th, so if you know of a group in that area, let me know. So, at the moment, the available times for traveling beyond Sydney are 14th to 18th and 22nd to 25th, then on 26th it is homeward bound and no doubt back into the rush of orders for the run up to Christmas.

For more information about talks and workshops that I offer visit the website. For those in other corners of the world, or indeed much nearer home, if you want to book me to do a talk, I am open to offers - but for September, the offers have to come from Australia.

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