Saturday, 12 June 2010

Highlands Open Studios

This week I am participating in an Open Studios event. From today (12th June) till 20th June I will be ensconsed in my felt studio in the garden along with my friend Val Ford - a jeweller. Both of us will be making things while we are here and people can watch us at work if they are able to drop in and see us. For contact details visit my website.

We have work for sale - to suit all pockets. Visitors can also try their hand at either felt making or bead making while they are here - or indeed they might even make felt beads!

At the moment it is a bit grey and overcast. The weather forecasters are predicting showers today and torrential downpours tomorrow - so we have our wellies to hand! So far it has stayed dry and the only moving water is that in the fountain in our garden pond.

Two gazebos joined together allow us to dispay our wares.

I have more or less our full range of products on sale - though in rather limited quantities. The shops we supply seem to have been busy and they keep ordering more things, so our stock levels are low. If you can't make it to the studio, why not visit our on-line shop and order something through that. You can choose from things that we have in stock, or choose your own colour and we will make it up specially.

Val makes lovely jewellery that involves a combination of beads and silver chain-maille. You can visit her website at

Val setting up her space in the gazebo

I know it's a bit early to be shopping for Christmas, but our decorations do seem to be popular year round, so why not!

Some of Val's Jewellery

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