Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New blue photographs

Mary was back at work today having spent the weekend at Rockness Music Festival. She had got her hair dyed with blue streaks and we thought it might be fun to photograph a few of our blue items while they were all out in the gazebo for our Open Studios event.

First off - Maggie hat - in teal blue with toning embroidery around the brim - visit the Anna Macneil website for full details. Mary assures me that this style of hat is very popular with festival punters.

It was really far too warm to wear this lovely silk-lined "Celtic Splash" scarf, but it did match Mary's hair.

Always popular - our mobile phone pouch - or it can be used for a small digital camera. There is a spring-lock toggle on the cord allowing the cord to be adjusted in length so that it can be worn on the hip or round the neck, whichever is more convenient.

Then after all the effort of posing for photographs, Mary sat down with an embroidered wrap around her shoulders, to sample the new chair that her father had just bought!

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