Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wild Garden

A lovely sunny and warm day today so I headed out to the garden with enthusiasm to open up my feltmaking studio. I have hooks on the walls either side of the double doors so that they can be kept open when I am working. I went to hook back one door and saw something weird filling the hook. At first glance I thought it was some sort of seed - lime green and knobbly, but then I realised that the surface was moving and it was in fact a mass of tiny spiders. I don't know much about the life cycle of spiders but this nest was definitely not there yesterday evening when I locked up the studio. The whole mass was only about half an inch across.

Yesterday I finished the felt panel with the iris flowers - needs some work done on it to give a bit more definition to the flowers, but as a quickly done sample piece I think it turned out not too bad. I went to photograph the irises today and found one growing out of the pond, which looked a bit strange.

The cats kept me company today while I spent time making buttons for bags and cutting up all my scraps of tweed for making keyrings and Celtic hearts. The good weather brought out some visitors and among other sales I took an order for a tartan draughts set - a wedding present that will be heading out to Spain when it is finished.

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