Thursday, 17 June 2010

A sunny day in the garden

Highlands Open Studios - half way through our open studios event, today we had beautiful warm sunshine which made our day in the garden very pleasant.
I have some orders for our Shetland Angels and that involves spinning Shetland wool to make a yarn for tying the angels "wings" to the body, so today I sat at the spinning wheel and spun enough yarn to keep me going for the next few months. Fortunately I have prescription sunglasses!

Mary spent a couple of hours working in the "sweatshop" upstairs, but then came out to join us and sat labeling items for several orders. Here she is doing the rather tedious job of labeling keyrings but it has to be done, and is more enjoyable outside in the sunshine.

For the last few days Val has been making her jewellery inside the gazebo. Today it was stifling in there so she joined us on the patio. Her activity today was making beautiful, delicate polymer clay roses. She is considering adding them to the range of items that she sells at craft fairs - some as individual roses, others possibly included as part of jewellery pieces, but there are various things she needs to consider. Does anyone have any idea what sort of price these roses might fetch at a craft fair? Email Val through her website if you feel you can offer her any advice on this, or indeed if you want to purchase one of her flowers.

Later in the afternoon we had a visit from a young family. The children come to Sunday School at our church - St Michael and All Angels, Inverness - and we are planning to make a felt picture on Sunday. Today we made a start by creating some half-felts in various colours. These will get cut into the shapes we need for the story we plan to illustrate on Sunday - come back next week to see how we get on.

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