Sunday, 13 June 2010

A very wet Sunday afternoon

The forecast for today was right....... wet.....wet....wet!

I have my studio open, but I really am not expecting any visitors. I certainly wouldn't venture out today. I can see the pond clearly from the open door of my studio - lots of ripples from the rain.

I started off with good intentions and have laid out a lot of fleece and got it all ready to start felting, but decided that it is so wet outside, I wanted to keep dry inside. If there are any visitors brave enough to venture out, I will at least have something ready to show them how it's done.

My visitors yesterday were keen to watch and some of them stayed watching for well over an hour. Below you can see the results from yesterday afternoon - this piece of felt measures 45cm across by 69cm long. The grey felt and white felt were done separately to the half-felt stage then I cut out the grey felt to create the Celtic knotwork design before felting the two layers together. Today's piece will be very different - bright red for starters! It is much more abstract with lots of different textures achieved by using mixed fibres on the top surface - curly bits of wool, silk, mohair and fine angelina. I will leave it till tomorrow to start felting so for now it is covered with a piece of organza so that the bits don't move. This piece (provided it works according to plan) will form a background on which I embroider - and it remains to be seen what form that embroidery will take.

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