Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Noah's Ark - a felt wallhanging

On 20th June I had children from our very small Sunday School making a felt picture of the story of Noah's Ark. They had come after school a few days earlier to make a start, making some half-felt in all the colours of the rainbow and a selection of different neutral shades for making the ark and the animals. Last thing on the Saturday afternoon before I shut up my studio for the day, I laid out some fleece to make the background to the picture so that on Sunday morning we were ready to go.

We cut strips of different colours and made a large rainbow. The ark was made from strips of brown half-felt - this was different colours on each side, which means when fully felted the bottom layer peeps out around the edges of each strip giving a plank-like appearance rather than just flat colour.

Next came the animals - giraffes, elephants, tigers, sheep, horses, monkeys and penguins had all got a home on this ark.
The children seemed to really enjoy the process - lots of soapy bubbles and physical activity always goes down well! We didn't quite get it finished in the time available - it needed a bit more rolling and then the rinsing, but as one child wanted to take the picture into school, his mother took it home to finish off. They brought it back this Sunday and I got this lovely photograph. It will now get mounted on some canvas and hung on the wall of the church hall.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic piece ,as i was one of the pupils who joined in this activity it was great fun getting all soapy and I'm sure everyone else enjoyed also!